The AWOS Alternative for Your Airport

SayWeather™ provides on-demand airport advisory weather information to pilots in the air.

  • SayWeather™ transmits a voice report of up-to-the-minute advisory weather that is sourced from an airport weather station.
  • SayWeather™ can automatically publish weather advisory information to web-based weather sites, without requiring an always-on PC.
  • SayWeather™ is airport-based; no specialized equipment is required in the cockpit.
  • SayWeather™ is accessed via your aircraft's VHF air band transceiver. 

SayWeather Informational Video

Congratulations to the winner of our 2017 AirVenture drawing for a Free Davis Weather Station: PARKER COUNTY AIRPORT in Hudson Oaks, TX. Thanks to everyone who entered and stopped by our booth in Oshkosh!