The Affordable AWOS Alternative for Your Airport

  • SayWeather™ provides on-demand airport advisory weather at an affordable price.
  • SayWeather™ is accessed via the aircraft's VHF air band transceiver. No specialized equipment is required in the cockpit and no aircraft modifications are needed.
  • SayWeather™ transmits a voice report of up-to-the-minute advisory weather that is sourced from SayWeather's airport-based weather station.
  • SayWeather™ can automatically publish weather advisory information to web-based weather sites so that your airport's weather can be accessed remotely anytime via phone, tablet or PC.
  • SayWeather™ is not an AWOS or ASOS - SayWeather™ provides advisory weather information over the airport's assigned UNICOM or CTAF.
  • SayWeather™ can control airport lighting through a choice of add-on lighting controllers.
  • SayWeather™  standard advisories include winds, gusts, temperature, dew point, altimeter setting and density altitude.  Optionally, SayWeather PRO+ can be fitted with visibility, present weather, sky condition and ceiling sensors.   

News & Events:

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Visit us at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI July 26- August 1, 2021. We'll be at the show again, in person this year- Hangar C, Booth 3170. We'll be demonstrating several new features and capabilities that we developed during this challenging past year including:

  • SayWeather PRO+ with precision triple-redundant altimeter and NIST-traceable sensors
  • Visibility, Present Weather and Ceiling reporting options for SayWeather PRO+
  • ForeFlight data integration with Internet-connected SayWeather systems.

Enhance your airport for years to come with an easy-to-install SayWeather system!


Can't make it to Oshkosh? Contact us!

SayWeather METARs on Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs) is a new feature and it allows pilots to see accurate current airport weather with just a few simple "clicks" in ForeFlight's airport view.  This feature is available FREE to SayWeather-equipped airports for the remainder of 2021.  If your airport is already Say Weather-equipped, contact us for instructions to activate this feature.  If your airport doesn't have SayWeather, contact us for a quote!

  • Introducing SayWeather PRO+! You asked for it, now its here - get visibility, present weather, sky condition and ceiling in SayWeather advisories!**
  • Already a SayWeather user? Call for trade-up savings when you upgrade to the PRO+ !

** visibility, present weather, sky condition and ceiling are provided by optional add-on sensors, purchased separately.