The AWOS Alternative for Your Airport

SayWeather™ provides on-demand airport advisory weather information to pilots in the air.

  • SayWeather™ transmits a voice report of up-to-the-minute advisory weather that is sourced from an airport weather station.
  • SayWeather™ can automatically publish weather advisory information to web-based weather sites, without requiring an always-on PC.
  • SayWeather™ is airport-based; no specialized equipment is required in the cockpit.
  • SayWeather™ is accessed via your aircraft's VHF air band transceiver. 

SayWeather Informational Video

Note to users experiencing intermittent Weather Underground access to your weather station data: has been updating servers to patch a security flaw in Intel chips used in their server farms. SayWeather units do not use Intel chips and are thus not affected, though user's experiences may be affected during their updates. This does not affect your pilot's VHF access to data. If you have concerns, please feel free to contact us. <Last updated 1-5-18 10:48ET>