--       The Affordable AWOS Alternative for Your Airport        --

SayWeather Pro2

Everything you need for advisory weather reporting at your airport. SayWeather Pro2 uses calibrated weather data from on-airport sensors to produce a clear, non-distracting surface-weather advisory for pilots.  Any VHF-equipped aircraft accesses airport weather by simply keying the mic!

SayWeather PRO+

Professional-grade weather for busier airports.  SayWeather PRO+ offers options for visibility, present weather, sky condition and cloud height.  Access clear, concise surface advisories by simply keying the mic.  SayWeather PRO+ is as close to an AWOS as it gets! 

SayWeather Features and Benefits

  • SayWeather™ provides on-demand airport advisory weather at an affordable price.
  • SayWeather™ is accessed via the aircraft's VHF air band transceiver. No specialized equipment is required in the cockpit and no aircraft modifications are needed.
  • SayWeather™ transmits a voice report of up-to-the-minute advisory weather that is sourced from SayWeather's airport-based weather station.
  • SayWeather™ can automatically publish weather advisory information to web-based weather sites so that your airport's weather can be accessed remotely anytime via phone, tablet or PC.
  • SayWeather™ is not an AWOS or ASOS - SayWeather™ provides advisory weather information over the airport's assigned UNICOM or CTAF.
  • SayWeather™ can control airport lighting through a choice of add-on lighting controllers.
  • SayWeather™  standard advisories include winds, gusts, temperature, dew point, altimeter setting and density altitude. 
  • Optionally, SayWeather Pro+ can be fitted with visibility, present weather, sky condition and ceiling sensors. 
  • SayWeather™ uses National Institute of Standards and Technology-traceable calibrated weather sensors.  Raw weather data is processed using AWOS/ASOS algorithms for high accuracy, consistent advisories.
  • SayWeather™ airport METARs are optionally available via web browser, texts, emails and through ForeFlight.


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