SayWeather - Airport Lighting Control

Wired Lighting Control

High voltage lighting controller is installed close to the SayWeather installation location.

Wireless Lighting Control

High voltage lighting controller is installed a long distance from the SayWeather installation location.

SayWeather PAL (pilot-activated lighting) controllers are offered in two types - "wired" and "wireless".  Wired and wireless refers to the signal that is used by SayWeather to control airport lighting. The lighting control signal is either hard-wired between SayWeather and the lighting power control relay or the control signal is wirelessly connected between SayWeather and the airport lighting power control relay.  Use the wired PAL type for the case where the high-voltage control of airport lighting is close to the SayWeather installation location.  Use the wireless PAL type for the case where high voltage control of airport lighting is a far distance from the SayWeather installation location, or, the case where routing a control wire to the high-voltage lighting control point is cost prohibitive.


SayWeather lighting controllers are offered in 1-channel (PAL-1) or 3-channel (PAL-3) versions.  The PAL-1 controller is great for basic on - off control of airport lighting.  The PAL-3 lighting controller provides for control of 3 lighting zones (or 3 different lighting intensities if the airport is equipped with constant-current lighting-intensity-control equipment).  Up to three PAL-1 lighting controllers can be daisy-chained to provide the same functionality as the PAL-3... the lighting control system can grow as the airport's needs grow. 


SayWeather PAL controllers include a full set of user-programmable features:

  • automatic turn-on and turn-off at sunrise and sunset
  • selectable delayed turn-off (after sunset) and early turn-on (before sunrise)
  • user-configurable mic-key-count for pilot activation of airport lights
  • audio acknowledgement, over the VHF transceiver, of receipt of pilot-activated lighting command
  • selectable on-duration for pilot activated lighting.

The SayWeather PAL controllers can be interfaced with industry-standard constant-current airport lighting-intensity-controllers as the PAL controller's output relay contact ratings exceed those specified in the FAA’s L-854 circular for lighting intensity control electrical contacts.  Further, SayWeather can be configured to support a modified “style A” or “style B” intensity control configuration where control relays are actuated individually or actuated and held-closed in sequence.  SayWeather PAL controllers use UL-recognized power relays that are rated for 10 Amps (tungsten lighting) at 120VAC and 20 Amps at 277VAC.


(Note: while SayWeather PAL options provide a reliable and easy-to-use solution for airport lighting control, SayWeather PAL options do not fully conform to the FAA’s L-854 specification.  Further, SayWeather PAL options are not designed to operate at temperature limits, humidity limits and under certain operating conditions noted in the FAA's L-854 specification.  SayWeather, the PAL-1 and PAL-3 lighting controllers, and attached components, are intended to be installed and operated in an indoor environment.  Do not install these components outdoors unless appropriate additional environmental protection is provided.  SayWeather PAL-1W and PAL-3W are designed to withstand typical outdoor temperature and humidity conditions and can be mounted and operated in an outdoor location.)