Anywhere connectivity for your SayWeather system

 SayWeather™ is an affordable AWOS alternative for your airport.  SayWeather™ is an “automated UNICOM” that provides advisory surface weather conditions, on demand, 24 hours a day, through the aircraft’s VHF radio. 


SayWxAir is a subscription-based web service that compliments SayWeather and provides even more convenience and confidence for airport owner-operators and pilots alike.


  • Live weather via web-browser
  • METARs via ForeFlight and Aviator Assistant (more EFB’s coming soon!)
  • METARs by text — simply use your phone to text the identifier for any SayWeather-equipped airport and immediately receive a current advisory METAR
  • Threshold texts — request to receive a text when a threshold is passed, for example, “text me when winds at KGSL are below 30 knots”, text “KGSL w<30” to SayWxAir
  • Add weather cameras at your airport
  • Airport operator alerts - automatically receive texts when system maintenance is needed
  • Dial-up SayWeather METARs through a dedicated phone number for your airport
  • Customizable weather web page for your airport’s website

SayWeather METARs through EFB

SayWxAir Text Features

                           (NOTE: For SayWxAir Text Features, text your request to: (727) 4SAYWX4, (727) 472-9994)

METARs by text:

Alerting to conditional weather changes by text:

Simply text "M" followed by the SayWeather airport identifier to retrieve an up-to-the minute METAR. METARs are updated cont-inuously so the displayed weather is always current. With SayWxAir, there is no need to wait for an hourly METAR update!




For text alerts to weather changes by user-defined-threshold, simply type the airport identifier, followed by "t" (for text) then the weather parameter abbrev-iation, then the condition: (<, >) & #.

Use these abbreviations to request a SayWxAir conditional alert. 

SayWxAir Customized Web Page for Your Airport