SayWeather PRO+                  $11,995

As close as it gets to an AWOS/ASOS!

With add-on visibility and sky condition capability, SayWeather PRO+ sets a new standard in automated weather advisory systems.   Just like SayWeather Pro2, the PRO+ provides on-demand surface-weather advisories 24 hours a day with just a few keys of the mic.  Simply key four times for a full weather advisory or three times for winds-only.  Any VHF-radio equipped aircraft can access SayWeather PRO+ which means that virtually every aircraft that operates into or out-of your airport can request surface-weather advisories well before takeoff or landing. 


SayWeather PRO+ includes a "NIST-traceable" calibrated, triple redundant precision altimeter for reliable, high-accuracy altimeter settings and SayWeather PRO+ uses only "NIST-traceable" calibrated Davis Vantage PRO2 weather stations.  The Davis Vantage PRO2 has a separate anemometer and wind vane making installation easy and hassle-free.  The light-weight anemometer can be installed on a light-duty pole reducing the need for guying and more-expensive mounting systems.  The solar-powered, battery-backed, wireless weather station's integrated sensor suite  (ISS) is typically installed about 6 feet above ground level and can be located up to 40 feet from the anemometer/wind vane.   The ISS also incorporates 24-hour solar-powered, battery-backed, fan aspiration for accurate temperature and dew point measurement which enables density altitude reporting in advisories.   SayWeather PRO+ comes standard with "publish to internet" capability (thru Ethernet, WiFi optional) adding even more value for pilots needing access to current airport weather conditions when flying in from a distant airport.

SayWeather PRO+ equips virtually every aircraft that operates into or out of your airport with in-cockpit local weather advisories, all at no cost to the aircraft owner, and SayWeather PRO+ is packed with features and benefits:

  • Precision redundant barometric pressure sensor for high-accuracy altimeter setting - exceeds FAA's AWOS/ASOS accuracy requirements (when calibrated and operated as specified).
  • Fully user-configurable advisories, including number of mic-key clicks to activate, weather parameters, male or female voice, special announcements and more.
  • Advisory weather includes: winds, gusts, temperature, dew point, altimeter setting, density altitude and optionally visibility, present weather, sky condition and ceiling.
  • Two (touch-screen-selectable) alternate advisory sets allows easy replacement of the default advisory with special advisories, for example "airport closed", or "fly-in parking on south ramp only".  Simply touch "Normal" to return to the default advisory.
  • Clear 5 Watt (P.E.P) transceiver provides 10 nautical mile range at pattern altitude and up to 30 nautical miles at higher altitudes.
  • Davis Vantage PRO2 weather station is solar powered and lithium-primary-battery-backed to ensure reliable continuous operation even under prolonged overcast conditions.  Separate anemometer/wind-vane enables low-cost easy installation.
  • AWOS/ASOS algorithms for consistent, accurate advisories.
  • GPS-based time keeping.
  • Attached speaker/microphone for voice transmission when needed.
  • Monitor radio traffic by connecting the PRO+'s "audio line-out" to amplified external speakers or a PA system.
  • Fully integrated system (21" W X 17" H X 7" D) mounts easily on wall or in cabinet.
  • Bright touch screen for easy set-up and control.  Bright easy-to-read "weather" display show current conditions and is updated every 5 seconds.
  • Up to 1000' wireless range between weather station installation site and SayWeather Pro.  Longer range (up to a mile) is available using optional solar-powered repeaters.
  • Publish live weather to the internet (thru Ethernet, or optionally WiFi) for remote weather access via phone, tablet or PC.
  • Ships with "NIST-traceable" calibration for all weather sensors.
  • SayWeather PRO+ is compatible with the full suite of SayWeather's wired and wireless airport lighting controllers.