"In the 2+ years of owning our SayWeather System, Airport Staff and Tenants have nothing but good things to say about its overall operation and ease of use. We just recently began a Runway Extension project and discovered that we were able to add on a highly useful Runway Closure Notice onto our weather transmission, further surpassing our expectations of the system’s capabilities. Other Airports have contacted us asking for recommendations on a system that mirrors an AWOS but for a fraction of the price, with us gladly recommending the SayWeather system. Not only do you get an exemplary piece of hardware, but you also get outstanding technical support from the SayWeather team who go out of their way to make sure you are satisfied long after your purchase of the product."


Ryan H. Auburn Municipal Airport (WA)




"Since the system was installed in August, 2017 it has worked flawlessly with no equipment hardware or software problems. The pilots who are based at our airport and the visiting pilots have all remarked how being able to check the automated weather by clicking on the airport CTAF has improved flight safety by alerting them to current weather conditions so they can plan their arrival and departure for the proper runway."


Doug A. Flight Operations Manager



"SayWeather enables me to utilize smaller airports with confidence."


Neil F., Cessna 182 pilot.




"Pilots here love it because they can check current weather conditions at the airport by clicking PTT, 4 times, on the uni-com frequency, while inbound to our airport... 10 miles out."


Tom R., Airport Manager.




"We have many private aircraft owners at our aerodrome and quite a few High hour Commercial pilots active and retired.  I want to Quote a cliché and Ive heard this more than once: THIS SYSTEM IS THE BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD!  Thank You SayWeather for helping our aerodrome become a safer place to fly!"


Bob C. Airport Manager