Affordable advisories for your airport...

Everything needed to enhance your airport with up-to-the-minute surface-weather advisories at an affordable price.  Just install the solar powered integrated weather sensors on a suitable mounting pole, position the external antenna, plug-in SayWeather and start enjoying the benefits of 24-hour a day automated advisories!


Pilots love the ease-of-use.  Key the mic four times for a full weather advisory or three times for winds-only.  Any VHF-radio equipped aircraft can access SayWeather which means that virtually every aircraft that operates into or out-of your airport can now know surface conditions well before takeoff or landing. 


Imagine equipping every aircraft at your airport with in-cockpit surface weather advisories, all at no cost to the aircraft owner!  SayWeather does this and more:

  • Fully user-configurable advisories, including weather parameters, male or female voice, special announcements and more.
  • Advisory weather includes: winds, gusts, temperature, dew point, altimeter setting and estimated present weather (liquid precip. only)
  • Alternate advisory set allows one-button selection of special advisories, for example "airport closed", or "special fly-in instructions today".
  • Clear 5 Watt (P.E.P) transceiver provides 10 nautical mile range at pattern altitude and up to 30 nautical miles at higher altitudes.
  • Integrated Davis Vantage Vue weather station is solar powered and lithium-primary-battery-backed to ensure reliable continuous operation even under prolonged overcast conditions.
  • AWOS/ASOS algorithms for consistent accurate advisories.
  • Integrated "base station" microphone for voice transmission when needed.
  • Small compact design fits easily on desktop or shelf.
  • Bright LCD display shows current conditions and is updated every 5 seconds.
  • Up to 1000' wireless range between weather station installation site and SayWeather.  Longer range up to a mile is available using optional solar-powered repeaters.
  • SayWeather can be upgraded to publish live weather to the internet for remote access through smart phone, tablet or PC (adds $250).
  • SayWeather is compatible with the full suite of SayWeather's wired and wireless airport lighting controllers.