A step up in automated advisories...

Just like SayWeather, SayWeather Pro provides on-demand surface-weather advisories 24 hours a day with just a few keys of the mic.  Simply key four times for a full weather advisory or three times for winds-only.  Any VHF-radio equipped aircraft can access SayWeather Pro which means that virtually every aircraft that operates into or out-of your airport can request surface-weather advisories well before takeoff or landing. 


SayWeather Pro takes airport automated advisories to the next level.  SayWeather Pro's weather station (Davis Vantage PRO2) has a separate anemometer and wind vane making installation easy and hassle-free.  The light-weight anemometer can be installed on a light-duty pole reducing the need for guying and more-expensive mounting systems.  The solar-powered, battery-backed, wireless weather station's integrated sensor suite  (ISS) is typically installed about 6 feet above ground level and can be located up to 40 feet from the anemometer/wind vane.  The ISS also incorporates 24-hour solar-powered, battery-backed, fan aspiration for accurate temperature and dew point measurement which enables density altitude reporting in advisories.  SayWeather Pro comes standard with "publish to internet" (thru WiFi) capability adding even more value for pilots needing access to current airport weather conditions when flying in from a distant departure point.


SayWeather Pro equips virtually every aircraft that operates into or out of your airport with in-cockpit surface weather advisories, all at no cost to the aircraft owner, and SayWeather Pro is packed with features and benefits:

  • Fully user-configurable advisories, including number of mic-key clicks to activate, weather parameters, male or female voice, special announcements and more.
  • Advisory weather includes: winds, gusts, temperature, dew point, altimeter setting, density altitude and estimated present weather (liquid precip. only)
  • Alternate advisory set allows one-button selection of special advisories, for example "airport closed", or "special fly-in instructions today".
  • Clear 5 Watt (P.E.P) transceiver provides 10 nautical mile range at pattern altitude and up to 30 nautical miles at higher altitudes.
  • Davis Vantage PRO2 weather station is solar powered and lithium-primary-battery-backed to ensure reliable continuous operation even under prolonged overcast conditions.  Separate anemometer/wind-vane enables low-cost easy installation.
  • AWOS/ASOS algorithms for consistent, accurate advisories.
  • Integrated "base station" microphone for voice transmission when needed.
  • Small compact design fits easily on desktop or shelf.
  • Bright LCD display shows current conditions and is updated every 5 seconds.
  • Up to 1000' wireless range between weather station installation site and SayWeather Pro.  Longer range (up to a mile) is available using optional solar-powered repeaters.
  • Publish live weather to the internet (thru WiFi) for remote access via phone, tablet or PC.
  • Optional "NIST-traceable" calibration for all weather sensors.
  • SayWeather Pro is compatible with the full suite of SayWeather's wired and wireless airport lighting controllers.