Improve pilot situational-awareness at your airport with real-time weather advisories - pilots can safely plan the approach while saving time and fuel knowing the appropriate runway well in advance of landing.

  • Cut energy costs while adding safety and convenience through automated and/or pilot-controlled airport lighting (with wired or wireless control relay options)
  • Enhance the value of your airport community property by adding the convenience of SayWeather.
  • Provide airport status information to approaching pilots 24/7 (or when the airport is unattended).
  • Make airport weather conditions available remotely through up-to-the-minute web-published weather data.
  • Eliminate or reduce labor costs with automated landing advisories.



Up-to-the minute airport weather is accessible to pilots in the air through mic-keying of the aircraft’s VHF transceiver.

  • Wireless solar-powered weather station can be 1000’ or more from SayWeather console.
  • Powerful 5-watt (P.E.P) ground-based VHF transceiver and external antenna provides ample range, >25nm typical.
  • Base-station like “PTT” and built-in microphone enables voice communication through the attached VHF transceiver.
  • Compact, lightweight, low-power design fits easily on desktop or shelf.
  • Bright, easy-to-read LCD front-panel display continuously shows up-to-date weather.
  • Powerful 3-watt audio amplifier, volume control and allows for comfortable monitoring of radio traffic.
  • Reports wind speed, direction and gusts, temp, dew point, altimeter and (Pro model only) density altitude.  Add visibility, present weather and sky condition with SayWeather PRO+
  • User-configurable male/female voices, language, mic-key-count, airport ID and more.
  • Uses AWOS/ASOS algorithms for consistent and accurate advisory reporting.
  • Easy, low-cost installation and operation.