Options (Factory-installed):

  • Ceiling and Sky Condition - SayWeather PRO+ only.  Call
  • Visibility and Present Weather - SayWeather PRO+ only.  Call
  • PWI-1, Publish Weather Data to the Internet: publishes weather to the Internet which allows viewing weather data via PC, tablet or smart phones (not included). Included in SayWeather Pro and PRO+ systems.
  • PAL-3, Pilot-Activated Lighting control: standard 3-5-7 click (L-M-H, or 3-zone) lighting control. Automatic feature can turn on lights at fixed times or relative to sunrise/sunset daily.
  • PAL-1, Pilot-Activated Lighting control: radio-click-activated single-intensity lighting control.
  • PAL-1W or -3W, 1- or 3-channel WIRELESS Pilot-Activated Lighting control. Does not require control-signal wiring from SayWeather to the lighting point-of-power location, up to 2000' away (line-of-sight). Also adds a manual On/Automatic lighting switch at the SayWeather console location.
  • REC-1, Recording: Adds relay-activated video recording or external device triggering capability (video camera sold separately).
  • RD-1, Rapid Deployment kit: Rapidly deploy a SayWeather Pro system, for emergencies, crop dusting, etc. Includes weather station, pole, tripod, lockable waterproof carrying case, magnetic-mount VHF antenna, backup battery with charge connectors, and solar panels. Case protects weather station during transport.  Call for more information.


  • Davis Repeater (#7627). A solar-powered wireless repeater if you need to boost signal or improve range between your weather station and console.
  • Davis Long-Range Repeater with two Yagi antennas (#7654 + 2x #7660).  A long-range solar-powered wireless repeater if you need to boost signal or improve range between your weather station and console up to a mile.
  • Your existing WiFi router can be used to provide a WiFi connection for your SayWeather™+PWI-1 base unit. The TP-LINK TL-MR3020 router can be operated as a standard wireless router (connected to your wired internet modem via included Ethernet cable). TP-LINK TL-MR3020 can also be configured as a standalone Cell Phone Wireless Access Point (with a separately purchased cell-phone data plan of your choice).
  • SayWeather™+REC-1 includes a pilot-activated relay to trigger an external recorder. To record video requires a video camera with external alarm trigger input. Use your existing camera, or select one below.
  • Spare SD cards allow for rapid swap between SayWeather configurations (eg. use at multiple airports, or quickly swap between normal- and special- operations, such as runway closures, etc.). One SD card is included with SayWeather™.
  • NIST Calibration includes a Davis-factory NIST calibration of the multisensory (Vue Sensor: inside temperature, inside relative humidity, barometric pressure.  Pro2: wind, inside/outside temperature, inside/outside relative humidity, barometric pressure, rainfall). Included with SayWeather PRO+ systems.